Consumer Information

Propane is a versatile energy source used by more than 14 million families in and around their homes for furnaces, water heaters, cooktops, outdoor grills, fireplaces, generators, and other appliances. Propane is helping Americans shrink their carbon footprint by providing a “green” solution for the environmentally conscious consumer. Propane delivers a clean, cost-effective, efficient and reliable energy solution.
Fueling America

Business owners across the country are choosing this clean-burning fuel for bus, taxi, delivery, and other fleets to minimize air pollution in metropolitan areas. Propane is also used in commercial establishments, including restaurants and hotels that depend on propane for heating, cooking, and other uses.

More than 660,000 farmers use propane for irrigation pumps, grain dryers, standby generators and other farm equipment. It is an essential fuel for crop drying, flame cultivation, fruit ripening, space and water heating and food refrigeration.

General Propane Information

The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) has information for consumers covering a wide variety of subject areas.  Visit PERC’s website for information on consumer safety, emergency preparedness, homeowner safety information, and building with propane.